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Graphic Design Ann Arbor

With a city of over 100,000 residents and many businesses and college students, graphic design in Ann Arbor MI is essential.  Metro Detroit Printing & Design offers top quality graphic design services to Ann Arbor MI and the surrounding area.  Graphic design is an essentail part of any Ann Arbor companies business strategy.  It brings concepts to life by giving a visual display of your products and ideas.  

Metro Detroit Printing & Design utilizes only the most advanced and most current graphic design software ( CS5.5 ). Weather your project requires raster or vector art, rgb or cmyk, know that Metro Detroit Printing has the experience and equipment to get your Ann Arbor project done right.  

Graphics can be done on either an hourly ( $40/hr), or a per job basis.  Metro Detroit Printing uses photoshop for photo editing and single page layouts, Illustrator for large format and vector art, and InDesign for multi page and catalog designs.

Call Metro Detroit Printing today for a free quote on any and all of your Ann Arbor MI graphic design projects.

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