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Graphics for trucks, boats, mini bike

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are designed to turn your car, truck, or van into a mobile billboard.  Vehicle wraps can cover the entire vehicle (full wrap) or for cost savings can cover a portion of the vehicle (partial wrap).  Although wrapping your vehicle is not a new concept there have been recent advancements in design and materials that will make your wraps look better and last longer than ever before.  

Vehicle Wrap Design

Wraps are designed to your specific vehicle.  Photos of your vehicle will be taken, along with online renderings.  Then the vehicle will be measured to assure a proper fit.  The design process is very specific to your vehicle and all measurements must be complete before wrap design can be done.  

Vehicle Wrap Installation

After the design is completed Metro Detroit Printing uses high quality vehicle wrap material and the longest lasting inks.  The car, truck or van must be completely cleaned and free of dust before vehicle wrap material can be applied. Printing and installation is done in sections with special attention given to the vehicles curves.  Before you know it your vehicle wrap is complete and you are on the road attracting new customers.

Vehicle Wrap Removal

Metro Detroit Printing uses the highest quality materials and inks in your vehicle wraps to assure a long lasting fit and top quality look.  When you have decided that you no longer need your wrap, it can be safely removed with no harm done to your vehicle or paint job.  Vehicle wrap material can actually help protect your vehicles paint becuase it is not exposed to the elements.

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